15+ Years Transforming Lives
15+ Years Transforming Lives

LIMEX – Mind Mastery

Develop and enhance your mind skills to better influence and win over your life and others.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This program is intended for any individual who would like to learn how to advance their mind skills to the next level. There is no specific group constrain any individual age 14+ can join this program.

PROGRAM INTRODUCTION This two days training program reveals the hidden techniques that top successful professionals unconsciously use and lets participants master these simple yet profound techniques using Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Effective Sensory Projection(ESP), Time Line therapy(TLT), Law of Attraction(LOA), Emmotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Htpnosis etc. A powerful system about the language of the mind, behavior, communication & trust. You will learn and practice Mind-based skills that have been proven to work in all areas of life regardless of profession, religion and cast. In this program you will understand how the human mind works, learn language makes the changes , create trust and influence, communicate more effectively, detect the change of emotions with in you, solving problem positively and master the art of achieving goal. You will discover your limiting beliefs, reframe them to powerful beliefs and energize yourself to achieving your goals. And many more


• Interactive Lectures with NLP accelerated learning methods

• Individual work, reflection and exercises

• Small group discussion, exercises and activities

• Case studies / Video Review / Role Plays PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS

• Personality Profiling

• Communication Style Assessment

• 3 sec Mind Relaxation Technique

• Positive Emotional State Anchoring

• Delete negative emotion of past

• Dream & Habit Control

• Anxiety, Anger & Phobia Cure

• Negative emotion and pain control

• Instant Rapport Building with anyone, even if you don’t like.



• Understand how the Mind works

• Communicate effectively through an understanding of the different communication channels

• Discover your beliefs and values

• Learn how to influence people and make them like and trust you more

• Having a clear vision of your Life Path.

• Having control of cause and effect in your life.

• Being in charge of your personal and professional life.

• Having the power to attract your life partner.

• Having the power to heal yourself & others.

• Being aware of and using your intuition.

• Knowing who you are and what you really want.

• Having Universal Law operate in your life.

• Not just living your life, but loving your life.

• Being aware of your Mind Power.



MODULE 1 -Defining Mind , Alfa Mind Principles , The use of Alfa Mind in Personal Development and Business , Impact of Alfa Mind on Life

MODULE 2 Understanding and Managing Mind , How our brain filters perception , Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Digital , Communication Channels , Group Activity- VAK Communication Assessment , The 4 basic personality types  The strengths and weaknesses of each personality type  How to manage each personality type Self Assessment- Personality Profiling

MODULE 3 – Personal Branding and Making an Impact , Looking and being confident on first impression , How to gain trust and understanding immediately , Mirroring body language for gaining rapport , Creating positive states Role-play -First Impression and Circle of Excellence

MODULE 4 – Discover The power of Mind , How Brain Works , Mind Relaxing Exercise , Remote Viewing Exercise , Distance Healing Exercise , Problem Solving Exercise , Dream Control



MODULE 5 – Influencing Your Mind , Release Negative Emotion , Identify your Time Line , Engineering your Language

MODULE 6 – Super Charge your Mind , Super Charge your Memory , Super Charge Wheel of life , Super Charge your Life Purpose , Super Charge your Goal , Super Charge your Reading ,Wheel of life Assessment

MODULE 7 – Law of Attraction , Understanding The Universal Law , How to eliminate negative vibration , How to create positive vibration towards abundance. , Attracting Abundance Exercise

MODULE 8 – Creating a Winner Attitude , Power of self talk and the dangerous words to avoid , How to discover and overcome limiting beliefs , How to empower and energize yourself , Creating a Well-formed Outcome for results , Anchoring a Winner Attitude Creating a Personal Success Action Plan

Total Duration: 2 Days Fees: 9999/- exclusive of service tax

Program has an option for early bird discount . For more details contact us.