15+ Years Transforming Lives
15+ Years Transforming Lives



LIMEX is a skill development organization, our primary focus is in NLP Coaching and Life Excellence Coaching for all levels of people. Our major focus area is developing high skill coaches for the next generation.

We are passionate to bring changes in people’s life in a more positive and meaningful way. We are helping people to identify their true potential.  We have introduced all cutting edges tools like NLP, EFT, LOA, ESP, Hypnosis, TLT, Mind map etc and after a enormous amount of research by trial and error we combined it in a perfect blend so that we can give guarantee for changes.

All of these above mentioned techniques are great tools for changes but what we found that every tools or techniques have it own limitation. So we come up with a perfect blend of all those tools and technique where necessary and eliminate unnecessary portion of it so that we can provide most effective as well as innovative way of bringing changes in people’s life and combined it in our coaching program. It is not only producing fastest result but also permanent in nature.

This unique methodology makes us different from our competitors.  We have more than 50 proprietorship change managing tools and model which is our great asset and the list is growing everyday.

Year 2013 is very special for us as because we have launched our POWER series for all categories of people.  Our POWER series is 100% experience based learning. As a result participant will enjoy the result instantly. Another beauty of our POWER series is non advising mode of delivery, that’s mean get result and then go we never say practice that to get result. This one thing makes our POWER series unique in nature.

If you are reading so far, this portion is exclusively for you. Our business starts with you and only with you. We know we never grow until unless we help you to achieve whatever you want from your life. Its may be your personal life or may be your business life or even may be your career or financial life. Just take a chance and give us an opportunity to prove what we mean so far. Here is our guarantee we will cover your 100% ROI (Return of investment) or even more. Once you are satisfied by our service just let others know about us and help us to grow.



Helping People to Identify Their True Potential.


Empowering Excellence –

Our vision is to be the India’s best consumer centric training & coaching company; To build a brand where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to empowering themselve.



Though we have a very strict code of ethics, still we follow some basic presupposition on NLP which give us strength to serve you even better. Here are some of them:

  • People are not their behavior. So change the behavior not the people.
  • People have all the necessary resources within themselves. Only need a connecting way.
  • The result of communication whatever it may be, 100% responsibility lies on the communicator.
  • There is no failure, only feedback.

All our services are truly ‘YOU’ oriented. We actually put you on 0% risk.


Why you chose LIMEX on the top? There are many relevant reasons for that, here are few of them:

  • Vast Industry Experience.
  • Well researched content.
  • Unique approach to education delivery.
  • Life time support. (Online & Offline).
  • Most competitive price without compromising quality.
  • Straight forward “Customer Satisfaction Shield”.
  • 360 degree feedback process.
  • Our unique change measuring tools.
  • Instant and permanent outcome.
  • High customer rating and feedback.


  • VAK education delivery.
  • Change measuring assignment at each level of coaching/training.
  • Extended post learning support.
  • 100% experienced based learning.
  • Our unique CLM & WCD model saves a lot of your time and energy.
  • A perfect blend of all the cutting edges tools available in the market along with our own proprietary models to assure your success or result.
  • Our unique 4 state change work, will eliminate problem state from root permanently.


This is our new innovative & effective approach towards delivery education. Through our experience what we found that most education delivery are in self initiated fashion. That mean you need to take your own responsibility to get desired outcome and the trainer will be hide behind the certificates and knowledge.

So the change may or may not be depends on the motivational level of the candidate.

Here is our question:

What is the responsibility of the trainer?

If the trainee is not qualified, why to take him/her on the boat?

What is about of his/her ROI?

Here is our answer:

Our unique POWER approach is totally reverse in nature, Here the trainer take 100% responsibility to bring the desired outcome. If the participant has a lack of any necessary resources, it’s our trainer’s responsibility to put those resources in place before delivery and assure that the desired outcome is in place.

We also have our own unique outcome measurement tools at each level of delivery of education.

So far as our knowledge we are the only company in India taking the responsible training initiative.

Another major advantage of our POWER series is that we simply bring the changes or we will return your investment. In any of the way your ROI is 100% secure.

In our POWER series we don’t talk about quality or even quantity we only talk about result or outcome.

This is a 100% outcome based training program.

“It’s the time to see the whole education system from a different angel”


We follow a very unique methodology of changes. Our change work model assure the following steps:

  • Identify the problem
  • Set an achievable outcome (Desired State)
  • 4 level of change work
  • Taking feedback (Evidence Procedure)
  • Time travel (Future ready)


We are so confident about our programs and services which provide us the courage to give you 100% satisfaction guarantee. What does that mean? Well, this is very simple. When you join any of our program or services there will be 0% risk involved from your end.

I know you will be definitely satisfied by our services but due to any reason if you feel that our program is not up to the mark or as your expectation level, just let us know. We will refund your 100% money back. No question asked.

No condition applied, only simple policy we only invite happy investment. Actually that is our only motto and our greater strength.

“We help ourselves by helping others.”


We are here a bunch of well experienced people , whose mission in life to helping others. People from various background and experience joint hand to make this planet a better place to live. We help people to identify their true potential and achieving their goal.


To make sure that you can take full advantages of your investment, you will get an lifetime access to our online education portal & forum. It will help you to take your learning even further.

You will have the direct access to the trainer through email or social network. Phone service is also available only with prior appointment. Above all you will receive our newsletter from us time to time about the latest news and findings which will keep you up-to-date.