15+ Years Transforming Lives
15+ Years Transforming Lives

FREE 45 minutes Discovery Coaching for you

FREE 45 minutes Discovery Coaching for you

  • Are you a student of Life’s 24*7 struggle course?
  • Are you someone whose life reflects confusion and stress?
  • You are aware that your life is disciplined to be indiscipline.
  • You label yourself as someone you cannot recall a single “Balanced Day” of your life in the last many years?
  • Are you the one whose happiness of promotion in office is short-lived because of your health concerns?


You just want to take the next big step towards achieving your major LIFE Goals !

Imbalanced life leaves an acute and chronic impact on your life. With solid imbalance, the very much possible goal of balancing all aspects of life looks impossible. If you observe, a balanced life demands a bit of something in all below mentioned aspects:

  • Learning
  • Love
  • Physical Well Being and Health
  • Relationships
  • Fun and Enjoyment
  • Helping Others
  • Work
  • Money
  • Spiritual Fulfillment

If one can offer a bit in all aspects then life looks balanced. Unfortunately, most of us choose the other way. We tend to focus on one area and take efforts to build everything for that one area only. This wrong process weakens us in the other areas of life. Eventually, this weakness gives birth to imbalanced life as all areas of life are inter-connected. 

Furthermore, imbalance brings more negative consequences like:

  • Unhappiness
  • Stress
  • Time Management Issues
  • Health Issues
  • Anger
  • Insomnia
  • Future Worries
  • Past Regrets
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Focus Issues
  • Relationship Issues
  • Negativity
  • Lack of Decision-Making Skills
  • Procrastination

And more…

If you are a victim of an imbalanced life, then you will experience the above-mentioned issues in three different ways:

  • Anyone one issue will conquer your mind, body, and soul and will grow as the time moves forward OR
  • You will be the victim of few issues and they will grow together and stagnant your life OR
  • You will experience almost all the above things and all growing at the fast pace leading to depression.

Why is it so?

Studying the statistics, one can say that the world is moving towards mental depression at a speeding pace. Besides, experts have predicted that depression will be a new norm in future. Soon more and more people will rely on medication to bring clarity in mind about their life.

Today, young minds are committing suicides as they are unable to balance their life well. The one who survives through their young age becomes a victim of medicines in their mid-life due to ever growing stress and imbalance.

From a bird’s eye view, medication looks positive and good. But when you enhance your focus to the core, you will perceive medication not as a solution but a problem in itself.

Statistics and figures roar loudly and repeatedly about the facts that medicines have never been a solution to curb any disease from its roots. This theory becomes more concrete when the matter is of mind and understanding the life deeply.

No psychiatrist or pharmacy has ever come forward with a medicine that will offer you clarity and a balanced life. 

And probably they will never come in the future as well!

How we can help?

All this is leading towards one big question – What is the solution?

A simple Google search has the potential to answer the above query with millions of results.  

Some results say books. Yes, books are awesome. It is true that successful people read a lot but one cannot ignore the fact that all those who read will not be successful. Books are great but out in this case.

Another result will talk about mentors. Mentors are the person who serves you what you want and charges you for it. This looks positive, right? Unfortunately, it is not. Time and again people have seen phase when they are so dependent on mentors that they don’t even know how to live without them. Mentors work on the decision you take and offer results. Mentors don’t care if your decision is right or wrong. Due to this one cannot rely on mentor in the long game of life. 

Then who wins?


A coach wins this game by million times when the matter is of organizing, designing, and creating a life of your choice in all aspects of life.

A coach doesn’t serve you fish when you ask one. Instead, a coach teaches you how to catch a fish irrespective of how limited your resources are and makes sure you don’t sleep hungry. Ever! 

Coaches provides a customized solution based on your resources, lifestyles, beliefs, and understanding of the problem. Coaches dig deep into your mind and heart and unravel the real you in front of you. Gradually you understand your true essence and the core values. Working with a coach will help you to decode your problem in chunks. This in return will help you to come up with a solution that resolves your problem in the fastest possible way. 

This simple yet profound session you will have with your coach will be nothing less than a life-changing experience. 

And this life-altering experience is something that we, LIMEX, serve you as we know and believe – You deserve the best!

LIMEX brings you our Life Coaching Program uniquely designed and customized only for YOU! 

This program offers you a FREE 45 minute session with one of our expert coach. Our coach will work with you to decode all your life’s aspects and their problems one by one. Then the next step will be to work on designing solutions to ONE of your major problem where you are suffering the most currently. As part of process, you will work along with your coach to design your action plans and then act accordingly for successful results. 

After designing the action plan, we offer you a FREE therapy that will help you gain certainty and confidence about your positive future. In other words, we do not leave you when the session is over! 

Below is the FREE coaching session process in brief:

Decoding Life – We decode every aspect of your life layer by layer and figure out where you stand today in those aspects today. This is done by using our unique tools specially designed for this process.

The Culprit – Once we know where you stand in all aspects, together we find ONE big problem that is impacting a major part of your life negatively at this point.

The Goal – We zero down the goal, the conclusion that you expect to see by the end of the session on how to resolve your ONE BIG PROBLEM.

Action Plan – And then step by step we design a customized action plan to resolve your major problem using our practical tools and expertise that makes every action possible. 

LIFE – YES CIRCLE – Lastly, we give you our highly renowned therapy known as “LIFE – YES CIRCLE.” This therapy will work as an energy booster for you when you are working towards your goals and dreams in future. The good thing is you can use it anytime, anywhere, at your will to recharge your mind, body, and soul without our help. It becomes a part of you, forever.  

Our 45 minutes FREE session is all you need to start kicking imbalance out from your life and embrace balance. Our session has abundant potential to provide you with:

  • Map and core reason of imbalance in life’s all aspects
  • Clarity and vision
  • Solution and practical action plan for one major problem
  • Better understanding of yourself 
  • Self-confidence
  • Purpose and Value
  • Sound sleep

And more…

This FREE session can be availed online by booking it from this link below.

And the best part – This guaranteed, result-oriented, proven session comes to you with no obligations policy. You are free to take the experience and change your life forever without buying anything from us.


Because you deserve the best!

Because you deserve to live happily!

Because you expect and deserve a magical life!

And because LIMEX is the proven magician that changed the course of thousands of life!!!

LIMEX is an India based, globally serving, firm that offers Life Coaching and NLP therapy, NHC Therapy to people and firms who know that they deserve a better future.

Our services are for, but not limited to, individuals, couples, entrepreneurs, children’s, corporates firms, SMB’s, students, self-employed, among others. 

Apart from serving for more than a decade, LIMEX is also known for its customized approach and proven action plan that shows the positive results in their client right from the word GO!

Below are some of the benefits you are assured when you associate with LIMEX:

  • Guaranteed results
  • Practical action plan
  • Experienced coaches
  • Value add in your life
  • Better health – mental, physical, and spiritual
  • Better relationships
  • Winning attitude
  • A beautiful future

And more…

Although there is more to say about us we would like to stop here. 

Instead we invite you to try our services and gauge accordingly. We appreciate ourselves more when our clients and their results talk for us.

What next?

You won’t need us to take action on your ONE MAJOR PROBLEM that we will resolve during the FREE session. But life is known for throwing more problems and challenges than solutions. And every time trying to solve the problems on your own will imbalance your life more. Furthermore, it will slow down the success process and close the doors for the path that leads to a better future.  Hence a coach helps.

After a FREE session , if you desire to have our services for a long time then we are open to serve you. 

We offer our services for 3 months. During these 3 months, we once again decode your life problems one by one and work together with you to design a LONG TERM action plan for your life. This will ensure that you are not walking alone on the path of your success and dreams. We hold your hands and make sure you reach your destination. 

Our 3 months plan offers you:

  • Dedicated expert coach
  • Long terms action plan for your multiple problems
  • Accountability partner
  • Endless follow-ups through emails and chats
  • NHC therapy 

And more…