15+ Years Transforming Lives
15+ Years Transforming Lives

NLP Certification


LIMEX is the only company in India running 100 hours of NLP Certifcation Program. After several years of research and experiments we come to a conclusion in just 5 -7 days NLP can not be learnt . Of course if your only intention is to get a certificate by paying your heard earned money and just to get some feel good factor and an overview of NLP and introduction of some of its predefined model, probably you will get that done.

But, If you are truly want to learn the art of NLP and master those art to apply in your life as well as others then you must consider our unique offers. We will not only make you a great NLP practioner but also we will make you a powerful NLP cocah in the process.

You may be hesitating a bit at this point, because this something that you are hearing fist time. Well there is always a fist time in our life isn’t it? How we react on that first time determine our destiny. Please do continue your ┬áreading, we are not finished yet. ┬áHere is our unique offering to protect or secure your return of investment. A no fuss 110% money back gurantee. Yes you read it correct 110% of your investment if you are not satisfied with our services though there is hardly any chance for sure.

Every hour you send with us in this NLP Certification Program will make you more and more powerful and you will also get enough time to apply those newly learnt knowledge to others and get real life feedback out of it . This will help you to understand what works and what don’t work in therapeutic or coaching environment.

Now, here is the toughest part. As our program covered 110% money back guarantee we are looking for only serious people those who want to learn this great art and take it forward to the next level. So hope you understand that our prime objective is not to sell our certificates to you but to make you a social change agent who will be able to bring positive and permanent changes in peoples life without his or her certificates. His or her performance will reflect as his or her certificate.

Now , you may be thinking what is the next step? please go to our download section and download the NLP Certification Enquiry Form from there or you can simply CLICK HERE to download the form. Fill up the forms in details and wait till one of our executive get back to you. He will guide you rest of the process.

Wishing you have a very unique and extraordinary learning experience ahead.


P.S: If you have any problem t download the Form we have mentioned ahead, you can go to the “Contact Us” section of our page and send a formal enquiry. Our executive will be get in touch with you. don’t forget to mention your contact email id or phone no there (We don’t make any marketing call or followup call, We respect your privacy like you)