15+ Years Transforming Lives
15+ Years Transforming Lives

NLP Coaching Services

NLP Life Coaching

Our One on One coaching is an Empowering NLP Life Coaching services that we are offering to our customer. Here our coach works same like a sports coach. A sports coach help sportsman to make extra lap when the sportsman himself or herself don’t believe his or her own ability to perform. Like the same your life coach help you to make extra lap towards your accomplishing life journey when you resist yourself on your ability.

In short a Life Coach will help you to identify your true potential and hold your hand towards achieving your goals in all areas of your life

Your life coach is your unbiased member who helps you to achieve your goal at any level of your life more effectively and effortlessly.

In NLP Life Coaching , areas that people could be coached include:

1. Relationship
2. Career
3. Studies
4. Finance
5. Health
Benefits of NLP Life Coaching include:

According to a survey by the International Coaching Federation, a wide range of benefits was reported through coaching. These include:

  • Increased self-awareness, 67.6 percent
  • Better goal setting, 62.4 percent
  • More-balanced life, 60.5 percent
  • Lower stress levels, 57.1 percent
  • Enhanced self-discovery, 52.9 percent
  • Increased confidence, 52.4 percent
  • Improved quality of life, 43.3 percent
  • Enhanced communication skills, 39.5 percent
  • Increased project completion, 35.7 percent
  • Improved health or fitness level, 33.8 percent
  • Better relationship with co-workers, 33.3 percent
  • Better family relationships, 33.3 percent

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NLP Therapy Session

Your initial assessment is free.

For the first consultation I recommend that you allow two hours, these can take place in person or by telephone or Skype or email, whichever you prefer. However, I do not practice Hypnosis by any way other than in person for ethical reasons.  It really depends on your requirement as well as your learning style as to how many sessions you have. I advise people to allow for three sessions although a lot of people gain huge benefits from one! Breakthrough sessions can last up to five hours and we are talking here of a total life changing experience. Your sessions are confidential, secure and delivered in the way that suits you best. Your data is secure and protected.

I may ask you to undertake a task, not quite homework although the task may involve writing, taking a short trip somewhere or any activity that I know will benefit you. It could be as simple as saying hello to someone, I won’t know until I’ve met you. For image consultancy I may ask for a photo or we can work using Skype or telephone. 48 hours notice is required for cancellation of sessions.

NLP Group Coaching

NLP Group Coaching work best for Organization or a group of people with a common goal or intention. Coamparing to one on one coaching, group coaching is a less expensive and time saving way of deploying coaching services with in group of people.

Your initial assessment is free.

In NLP Group Coaching , areas that people could be coached include:

1. Organizational Value
2. Sales Motivation
3. Team Motivation
4. Empowering Performance Level
5. Stress Free Work Culture

This are only a very few area mentioned above. The possibilities are limitless. You can come up with your own agenda or goal that you want to achieve, We will help you by sending you a tailor made coaching program exclusively for your that suite you best and serve your purpose.

Contact us for a price or program guide today.  (*This service is at present only available in INDIA)