15+ Years Transforming Lives
15+ Years Transforming Lives


I was struggling at chennai for getting a good job when I first met with Mr. Roy. After our first meeting life changed like a magic. I have given 6 interview and got selected in 5 with in 15 days. I highly recommended LIMEX Life Coaching . To me it is simply “Magic begins at LIMEX”

– Arindam Biswas (Sr. Software Engineer, TCS)


I am highly satisfied the way LIMEX conducted the Sales Training at our delhi head office. The training was out of the box, no match with conventional training porgram. I wish all the very best.

– Indranil Kar (International Business Head, Jetking Infotrain Pvt Ltd, Delhi)


I hired LIMEX’s NLP service few years back for a personal reason. I have taken through some unique exercises that changed my mental state completely. I highly recommended LIMEX for quick behavior change.

– J Madhavan (Asst. Manager, TOYOTA Bangalore)


I met Mr. Manoj when I was struggling to concentrate on my education. My exam was near and I was very much worried. We met on a Cafe Cofee Day for half an hour. I didn’t understand what was going on while session, but as a result of that session i have successfully completed my CA exam in my next attempt. A big thank you to LIMEX

– Sudish Vergesh (Chartered Accountant, Kerala)


LIMEX chage my life from inside out, I found my lost confidence in a matter of few minutes. Now I am leading a happy successful life. All credit goes to LIMEX.

– PP (Actress, Entrepreneur , Kolkata)


If you ask how to become a poor performer to a super performer? The answer is LIMEX. Yes the session with Mr Manoj was so powerful that I have been praised by my senior management in a matter of just 15 days. I highly recommended LIMEX and it’s service. You can trust the brand blindly

– Hari Kishan (Chartered Accountant, Kerala)


Mr Manoj solved one of my deep rooted personal problem in just two hours, simply unbeliveable. Thanks to LIMEX for making my life simple.

– Kirthina (Chartered Accountant, Chennai)


I met Mr. Roy for one of my personal family issue which was bothering me for past seven years. I still remember , I was crying when I explained about the issue but in just two minutes I started laughing like a baby on the same issue. Simply awesome experience. Long live LIMEX .

-MG (Housewife, Kolkata)


I was a patient of insomnia , I could not sleep for even after 3-4 hours after going to bed. Mr Manoj helped me in just 10 munites. Now I can sleep in just 5 minutes. It’s just an awesome experience with LIMEX.

– Mr. Cidambaram (Intelligence Burro, Chennai)


Today I’m a mother of twin baby. My all credit goes to LIMEX. I spent a huge money and undergone treatment for last 5 years. In such hopeless situation I met Mr. Manoj. Rest his history, When doctor’s had no hope I conceived against all odd. LIMEX is like a God’s messenger to me.

– MS (Businesswoman, Kolkata)


My spondylitis on my back has been permanently cured just after half an hour session. I just can’t believe it yet. Thanks to LIMEX

– P Biswas (Marine Engineer, Mumbai)


LIMEX  restored my identity crisis in just one hour. I got back by old lost confidence with the help of Mr. Roy. Thanks to LIMEX.

– MD (School Teacher, Kolkata)


(Name abbreviation has been used intentionally to keep privacy in mind. All testimonials are published here with the kind permission of the client)